we not me

Bratwurst with vacuumed Dom Pérignon

by Camille Rebecca Patthey

With the season opening on 1st September works of art by Nikolai Winter will be put into dialogue in the studio of the Basel based artist duo Ado Comenius (Admir Jahic & Comenius Roethlisberger). Matching the concept of Winters representing gallery "Scheublein Fine Art", the exhibition will take place outside the usual White Cube context.

Nikolai Winter's works from the series Luxury Goods give the impression that one must be prepared for everything. As if the end of the world was near and we all had to protect our favorite accessories from all eventualities.

Chanel No. 5 as well as other fashion classics like the Rolex Daytona and the famous Dom Pérignon champagne were vacuumed in chrome foil by the artist. In their new packaging, the accessories seem indestructible and durable for eternity. Shining in their futuristic aesthetics, these works magically attract the viewer's gaze and become real objects of desire.

Winter's work is interesting because in his work he explores the theme of the consumption and recycling of luxury goods: striking, aesthetic art that plays with a recognition value and our personal relationship to fashion classics, celebrating and immortalizing materialism, but at the same time questioning its relevance and life expectancy.

On September 1, the exhibition WE NOT ME will show some completely new works from the Luxury Goods series. Stay tuned.

Vacuum packing luxury good Rolex Daytona milled in aluminium by artist Nikolai Winter
Recycled squashed Red Bull cans into gift by artist Nikolai Winter
Vacuum sealed luxury good Coca Cola bottle in chrome foil by artist Nikolai Winter
Victory hand gesture showing peace in cast aluminium by artist Nikolai Winter